Ship Machinery and Spares

As shipping community is aware. Most of the ships arriving for recycling purpose are generally trading actively around the world and belong to various class and maintained by technical experts. These ships when decided to be scrapped due to various factors.

Arrive here in India at recycling yard with many new / reusable machines and spares on board. Since operators have to maintain the ship to various standard laid by port state control, flag state control and classification society.

At this point we inspect the ship after beaching and make a list of various machinery, equipments and spares on board. Out of these inspected materials. Our company buys, stock and makes these new/reusable machine and parts ready to supply. Brief list of which is provided here under.

Hence any ship which may require any machine or spares en-route any where in the world or at any port in India.

Or Any trader, owner, manager in need any of materials fm second hand market as of break down or as stand by for future use on board.

They Can contact us for supply of required machinery / spares or ship’s equipments for most efficient, cost effective and timely delivery

Most often we have been able to satisfy our customer’s demands of such items from ship recycling yard.
Major machinery we deal in complete units and spares of.

Main and aux. engines and spares. Up to 28000 HP

Sulzer - RND 68,RND 76,RND 90,RND 68M,RND 76M,RND 90M,RD 68,RD 76.
MAN - KSZ 70/120E, KSZ 70/125A, 40/54A, 52/55A, 60/105E, 60/152H
MAK - M 551AK, M 552AK, M 453AK, 331AK, 281AK, 601AK
Deutz - 350, 450
SKL - NVD 26-AU,NVD 48-A2,VD 26/20,VD 24/24
Wartsilla - T 24 TS
Pielstik - PC 2V,PV 2-2V,PC2-5V,PC 3V, PC 4V,PA 6

Parts like bedplate, crank shaft, cylinder liner, cylinder cover, Piston, Skirt, Piston rings, Cam,Exhaust/inlet valves, Drive gears, Injectors, Nozzles, Bearings, Block, Fuel pumps, etc.

Oil purifier and separators

Alfa Laval - MAB 104,MAB 204,MAB 205,MAPX 207,MAPX 309,MAPX 313,WHPX 315
West Falia - OSA 7,OSA 20
Mitsubishi Selfjector - SJ 700, SJ 15, SJ 20

Parts such as bowls,gears,motors,lock nut,axels,complete units,


Air - Tanabe, Hamworthy, Hatlapa,Sperry
Chilling - Carrier, Sabroe, Bitzer, Bukh, Mycom, etc.

All complete units and parts such as Cyl.head, C.shaft, Piston, Rings, Valves, gaskets, etc.

Various pumps for different application as water, lub oil, waste, bilge, ballast,  boiler feed, Fire and general service,2 to 400 cbm/hrs.

Shinko - GVD,GVK,GS

Taikoku, Hanshin, Thune Eureka, IMO,IRON, IZAR etc make.

Turbo Charger and parts for engines.

ABB/BBC - VTR 160,VTR 200,VTR 250,VTR 300,VTR 400/1,VTR 500/1,VTR 454
MAN - NA 45,NA 48
B&W - ST 680G,NAPIER, and VEB.

Complete turbo and parts as inlet/outlet casing, rotor, oil pump, bearings, labyrinth, etc. All parts due-ly pressure tested, sand blasted and ready for reuse.

Anchor and chains of various type and size.Anchors with various size 2-10 tons,  stockless, AC 14, Std. danforth etc.

Crane and winche’s complete and hydraulic parts

Ulstein - PH 11H,PH 8,PH 4,PH 16
Norwinch - As above range
Kawasaki Staffa - IHI – KSA, HMA, HKA, etc
Fukushima - MA 10 B/C, MGA 8 B/C, G-420, FG-16,FG-18,etc

Bridge room/radio room equipments. Second hand Sell, repaire and parts

Radars - Kelvin Hughes, Racal Decca, Reytheon, Furuno, etc

Gyro Compass , Echo Sounder, GPS, Speed log, Anemo meter. Etc.

Deck side supply

Wire ropes - All sizes and lengths as per requirements. With thimble and twisting. Certified by manufacturer for Intl.std. and classification norms.
Cargo blocks - Different cargo blocks, with varied size of sheave, type and capacity. With roller bearings.

Various valves. I.e – Solenoid valve, non return valve, ball valve, couplings,

Sand blasting equipments, nozzles, air jet, Graco pumps, Wilden pumps And other surface treatment equipments.

All major FFA(Fire Fighting Appliances), LSA(Life saving appliances) items.

Pneumatic tools for various deck operation. With spares and attachments.

Various valves. I.e – Solenoid valve, non return valve, ball valve, couplings,

Life boats, Life rafts and life buoys. All SOLAS approved make

Crane and winch’s hydraulic motors and pumps.

Electrical items such as switches, circuit breaker, cables , etc.

Tanker and Bulker specific items/parts

Inert gas blowers, Cargo oil pump turbine, Tank Cleaning equipments, high pressure jets, Hoses, PV Valves, Gas indicators,
fire indicators, Pneumatic lamps, Hatch cover packing, Cargo handling equipments, Grabs,

Workshop machines

Lathe, driller, Grinder, Cutting tools, Hand wrench, Hand pneumatic tools,etc.