Shipyard Development

As India is beginning to develop the maritime sector and shipping and oil industry in particular. Various ship building/repairing facilities are being set up in India and in western region on coast of Gujarat in particular

This is area where Inca Maritime is very active and has its base. Also there are many ship management company are operating out of Mumbai (Bombay).

Where Many other ship owner/operator are having their technical, manning and chartering offices. Inca Maritime is involved in certain way with many of these companies and thus enjoys cordial relation with these shipping companies.

Here inca maritime wishes to use its contacts, customer base and experience to enable any company operating in Maritime sector and wants to be part of growing maritime industry in India.

Inca maritime can introduce the products/services of these companies to shipyards, owners, managers and operators from this area.

Co-ordinate with interested prospects, market and look after sales and marketing of various products/services these companies offer in maritime sector.

As in every industry, Dynamics of ship building, and manufacturers are always changing and demands high level of understanding of application of products, know-how in dealing with ship owners, managers and shipyards, persuasion and integrity.

Manufacturer of shipyard’s equipments, Ship’s consumables and equipments required in building vsls.

And wanting to introduce their services/products can make use of the expertise of Inca Maritime. Since company is active and associated with many of shipyards coming up in western part of India and having its client base in many shipping oriented companies

Inca Maritime is geared to formulate, and built marketing strategy in conjunction with OEM.

And we are looking forward to work with companies making materials for, and providing services to shipyards in particular.

We believe this sector offers great potential and growth prospects. Which we hope will be mutually beneficial on long term basis. And act as their agent in Indian market.

Inca maritime is representing one manufacturer as under in India. And is in advance stage with some company’s to represent them in India.

Age a Wagene , Norway. (TF purifiner)
This product is used for hydraulic oil purification and offers better material utilization and cost saving

Other area our company is interested in representing are. With open to all innovative ideas to upgrade our services.

Shipyard, building, conversion and designing software program

Ship’s structure and construction equipments

Ship’s Equipments, consumables and repairers

Coating and protective companies

Services providers to shipyards